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Can you believe that your mouth is full of hundreds of bacteria? Before you reach for your mouthwash, don’t panic. Not all bacteria are bad, some of the bacteria helps your oral ecosystem thrive. The bad bacteria are responsible for contributing to the creation of cavities. Consider the following questions about cavities and how to prevent them from forming:

How does a cavity form?

When we eat sugary foods, acid is produced by the bad bacteria that lives in our mouth. Quickly brushing your teeth or using mouthwash can eliminate this cavity-causing acid. But, if you don’t remove the acid, it will attack the good minerals that live on your teeth’s surface. This causes your teeth to be vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

What can I do to prevent a cavity?

There are many ways to prevent cavities! In addition to foregoing sugary foods and drinks, consider the following tips:

  • Brush your teeth and floss to remove the harmful bacteria.
  • Chew sugar-free gum, as this increases the production of saliva in your mouth.
  • Eat foods that benefit your dental health.
  • Visit your dentist for regular cleanings.

Can a cavity cause other problems?

If you leave a cavity untreated, it can lead to a compromised tooth structure, tooth abscess, nerve damage, or an infection. It’s best to find the cavity in its early stages and treat it promptly. Dr. Strandburg can successfully treat your cavity and help you maintain great oral hygiene!

Due to sugary juices and lack of oral hygiene, young children are most susceptible to cavities. This means that it’s imperative that they visit the dentist! We know that many children are nervous about visiting the dentist, so that’s why we offer “happy visits” to help them feel comfortable.

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