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dental healthThanksgiving has passed, and we hope you filled your plate with delicious food and dessert! With the holiday season still in full swing, it’s important to know which foods are safe for your teeth and which foods cause damage. During your holiday celebration, make sure you eat plenty of the following foods to keep your dental health in good shape:

Food Filled With Antioxidants

You likely have heard the term antioxidant many times, but do you know what it is? An antioxidant is a substance that wards off damage derived from free radicals. In simpler terms, antioxidants fight bacteria that can cause inflammation and mouth diseases! Load up your plate with apples, berries, nuts, and beans, and you’ll be improving your dental health one bite at a time.

Food That’s Crunchy

Crunchy food that is high in water content is great for your teeth! Foods such as celery, cucumbers, and carrots will naturally scrub your teeth’s surface when you chew on them. Also, while you’re chewing, your mouth produces saliva which will counteract cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Food High in Vitamin C Content

Your vitamin C intake level can be directly linked to how healthy your gums are! Vitamin C is a key ingredient in the collagen-making process which is a protein that helps your body ward off periodontal disease. This type of disease produces an infection in the gums and can even destroy the jawbone. The following is a great source of Vitamin C: bell peppers, oranges, broccoli, and kale.

Food Rich in Calcium

When you hear the term calcium, you probably think of a big glass of milk. It’s true that milk has a great amount of calcium in it, but there are more foods and drinks you can consume to increase your calcium intake. Consider the following: yogurt, cheese, seafood, and almonds. Calcium helps make your teeth’s enamel strong!

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