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Millions of Americans have made New Year’s resolutions for 2019 – some attainable and some a bit lofty. If you’re still deciding on what resolution to make, consider making one that will significantly improve your dental health! Simply eliminate certain foods from your diet to help your teeth regain their strength.

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Sugary Foods

There are good and bad bacteria that live in your mouth. When you eat sugary foods, the bad bacteria feed on the sugar which causes acid to form. Cavities are a product of the acid! Brushing your teeth immediately after eating sugary foods is a great way to eliminate the cavity-causing acid. However, if you don’t have a toothbrush nearby, drink plenty of water to wash away the acid.

Hard Foods

Did you know that your enamel is harder than bone? Even though enamel is considered the hardest substance in your body, it has a weakness – hard foods. Certain food such as popcorn seeds and ice can damage your teeth’s enamel. Avoid chewing on these foods and you will increase your teeth’s longevity.

Energy Drinks & Coffee

Have you ever consumed an energy drink or coffee and still felt thirsty afterward? That occurs because these two drinks actually dry out your mouth. When your mouth is dry, it’s telling you that it doesn’t have enough saliva. And, saliva is incredibly important to combat cavities and plaque! In the next few months, consider replacing your cup of coffee or energy drink with a glass of water. Your mouth will thank you.

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