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Are you tired of gaps in your smile or difficulty chewing due to a missing tooth? Dental implants can restore your self confidence and help you perform daily activities – like eating – with ease! Discover four noteworthy benefits of dental implants:


Dental implants restore chewing power.

Dental implants mimic natural teeth completely. When you are using your dental implants, you have full chewing power (and increased confidence)! Don’t worry about dental implants not matching your other teeth, as your Warner Robins dentist will make sure it looks the same as your surrounding teeth.

Dental implants do not need to be replaced.

Once dental implants are inserted into your jawbone, they are there forever. You don’t need to replace them or worry about them falling out. Treat them as you would your permanent teeth – brush twice every day and floss at least once every day.

Dental implants reduce your risk of gum disease.

Gum disease is directly linked to poor oral hygiene practices. Bacteria and food get wedged between teeth, and lack of brushing and flossing causes inflammation and infection to grow on your gums. If there is a gap in your mouth, food and bacteria are more likely to get trapped and gum disease may occur.

Dental implants preserve your facial structure.

Your teeth, gums, and jawbone play an important role in the structure of your face. When a tooth is missing, your gums have nothing to hold onto (the root) and will eventually rescind. This can also cause bone loss to occur, which eventually leads to facial sagging and premature aging. Dental implants preserve your gums and bone loss, so your facial structure doesn’t change.

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