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an older woman shows off her smileA dental crown is an application that is placed over your tooth to make an artificial cap. This crown protects a weak tooth or restores a broken tooth, as well as many other purposes. Discover frequently asked questions about dental crowns:

Are there different types of dental crowns?

At Mark Strandburg DMD, we provide four types of dental crowns – metal, all-porcelain, all-zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The location of the tooth that needs a dental crown is the main factor while determining which crown to choose.

While metal crowns are typically used for back teeth, all-porcelain crowns are best for frontal teeth, as these are very natural-looking crowns. All-zirconia crowns are the strongest ceramic crowns available, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns ensure durability and a natural look. Dr. Strandburg can explain what crown option he believes is best for your specific dental needs.

How long does a dental crown typically last?

The longevity of a dental crown depends on your oral hygiene practices, avoiding actions such as grinding your teeth or biting your nails, and which type of crown you choose. Typically, a dental crown lasts roughly 15 years, but many people have enjoyed their crowns for several decades.

Can I improve the longevity of my crown?

Yes! The team at Mark Strandburg DMD encourages you to treat your crown like you would any of your other teeth. Remember to administer good oral hygiene daily – brush, floss, use mouthwash, and avoid sugary, sticky foods.

What are the advantages of a dental crown?

Dental crowns have numerous benefits such as the ability to protect weak teeth, replace discolored teeth, anchor a bridge in place, and hold together a cracked tooth. Additionally, they are a cost-effective option while considering how long they last.

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