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Whether you’re new to the area or you simply haven’t been to the dentist in a while, there are certain questions you should ask to ensure optimal dental health. Consider the following four questions to ask your dentist at your next appointment.

How can I improve my oral health?

Scheduling regular dental appointments is a must to keep your oral health in its best state. But, there are many ways you can improve your oral health at home! Make sure you avoid sticky and sweet foods and drinks, brush your teeth twice per day for at least two minutes each time, and floss once per day.

How can I reduce my risk for cavities?

It’s important to take appropriate steps to decrease your risk of cavities. If a cavity is left untreated for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to a compromised tooth structure, tooth abscess, nerve damage, or an infection. Your dentist can discuss ways to reduce your risk of cavities at your next appointment.

When should I schedule my next dental cleaning?

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends that an adult should visit a dentist once or twice per year even if their dental hygiene is in pristine condition? This allows your dentist to help you maintain your oral health. Depending on your specific situation, Dr. Strandburg will let you know when he’d like you to visit again for a dental cleaning and exam.

Can I make an appointment for my child?

Having a dentist who will see all members of your family is priceless! At our office, Dr. Strandburg will gladly see pediatric patients as young as 3-years-old. It’s important to start their oral health journey at an early age to ensure great results.

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