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Back-to-School Dental Exam

It’s not uncommon for a child’s oral hygiene routine to be disrupted when summertime arrives. They sleep in later, go to bed later, and forget to brush their teeth in the midst of cartoons and pool days. So, when school begins, it’s important to get their oral hygiene health back on track.

Allow us to help! Dr. Strandburg has an immense amount of knowledge and experience in treating children’s oral hygiene concerns.

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Here are three questions to ask at your child’s appointment:

Should my child get a cleaning before the school year starts?

It’s important for children to have regularly scheduled cleanings (in addition to brushing and flossing). Regular cleanings help prevent cavities and encourage good oral hygiene. Since many kids eat sticky candy or drink sweet juice boxes over summer break, it’s vital to start the school year off right with a professional dental cleaning. This cleaning removes cavity-causing bacteria and keeps gums healthy.

Is an x-ray necessary at my child’s dentist appointment?

Since x-rays were discovered over 120 years ago, dentists all around the world have been able to see teeth and their roots much easier. Dr. Strandburg is able to see how your child’s teeth are developing and see if any tooth decay is forming. If your child needs an x-ray, it will be very beneficial! Catching a problem before it develops into a serious issue is key to saving teeth and money.

How can I help my child prevent cavities?

Set up an appointment with Dr. Strandburg for your child to receive a professional cleaning. He will give your child’s teeth a deep clean and reach places in your child’s mouth that a toothbrush simply cannot reach. Additionally, encourage your kids to brush their teeth two to three times a day. Brushing and flossing are two great ways to fight cavities.

Does your child feel uneasy about dentist appointments? We offer “Happy Visits” for your child to feel at ease!