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woman smilingThis year, we hope you are filled to the brim with health and wellness! If you choose to pursue meticulous and intentional oral hygiene, we are confident that you’ll reap many benefits. Discover four benefits of good oral health:

1. Contributes to a Healthy Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she has an influx of hormone production that can increase the risk of the developing gum disease. It’s important to pursue optimal oral health before getting pregnant to decrease the chance of gum disease. However, it’s never too late to start! If you’re pregnant, talk to your Warner Robins dentist about how to care for your oral health during pregnancy and what steps to take to avoid gum disease.

2. Acts as a Defense in the Presence of Diabetes

High blood sugar is detrimental to the body’s white blood cells. If high blood sugar is present, white blood cells cannot do their job properly, creating a space in your mouth for more bacteria to thrive. Good oral health can eliminate bacteria and protect your gums, tongue, and teeth.

3. Keeps Money in Your Pocket

Preventative dental care will always be less expensive than reactive or emergency care. By seeing your Warner Robins dentist once or twice every year for a dental cleaning, he can see if there are any issues arising that needs attention. Additionally, regular dental cleanings are always more cost effective than treatment options like root canals or fillings.

4. Protects Your Gums

You may automatically think of just your teeth when you consider how to improve your oral health. But don’t forget your gums! Periodontal disease can infiltrate your gums, increasing your chance of diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and other diseases. When you brush your teeth, remember to brush your gums. Flossing can strengthen your gums, too!

How to Optimize Your Oral Health

To take advantage of all these benefits (and more!), we encourage you to brush with fluoridated toothpaste twice every day, floss at least once every day, drink water between meals, avoid sugary and sweet snacks, and visit your dentist regularly. Call us today to make an appointment: 478-287-2179