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a young girl has a toothacheRoot canal pain can cause everyday activities such as eating, laughing, and yawning to be unbearable. And, unfortunately, root canal pain won’t go away on its own. You will need assistance from your Warner Robins dentist! Let’s uncover what a root canal is and three causes of root canal pain:

Understanding a Root Canal Procedure

The term root canal has two meanings: the passages within your tooth that holds pulp and the dental procedure that removes the pulp.

Your tooth’s canal holds pulp, which is part of the makeup of the tooth. However, if this pulp becomes inflamed or infected, you will feel root canal pain. Inflamed or infected pulp must be removed in order to keep the tooth from decaying and causing other issues.

When your Warner Robins dentist performs a root canal procedure, he will remove the infected or inflamed pulp, clean the canal, fill the passageways, and seal it to prevent bacteria from entering. This procedure helps to preserve the natural tooth instead of extracting it and inserting an implant.

3 Causes of Root Canal Pain

Root canal pain is caused by the pulp becoming inflamed or infected. Three common causes of pulp becoming inflamed or infected include severe decay, a crack in the tooth, and trauma to the tooth.

It’s important to address your root canal pain because this issue will not go away on its own. When you talk to your Warner Robins dentist, Dr. Strandburg, he can answer your questions about the root canal procedure and explain the process. Don’t delay – healthy teeth contribute to your overall health!

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