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an older woman in glasses smiles for the cameraIn 1889, the first dental crown made its debut. Dr. Charles Land patented an all-porcelain jacket crown. It is the closest version of dental crowns that we use in modern dentistry! Since then, dental crowns have evolved into an incredible product that millions of Americans acquire each year.

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Make sure you don’t believe these four dental crown myths that may keep you from benefiting from this procedure:

Myth: The dental crown procedure is painful.

The procedure is not painful, as local numbing is used and expert skills are applied by your Warner Robins dentist. Dr. Strandburg has expertly placed hundreds of crowns and patients have reaped the benefits.

Myth: Dental crowns are only cosmetic.

While dental crowns do improve the look of misshaped or discolored teeth, they are not only for cosmetic purposes. Many people request a crown after a root canal procedure or after a serious cavity has been filled. Dental crowns are both aesthetic and functional. Our team can match the crown color to your adjacent teeth and shave it to a matching size.

Myth: Dental crowns are easy to break.

At our office, we offer four types of dental crowns: metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-porcelain, and all-zirconia crowns. All these dental crown options are extremely durable and strong. As a rule of thumb, anything that can crack a natural tooth can crack a dental crown, so avoid opening things with your teeth and eating hard candy.

Myth: There is no maintenance you need to do with a dental crown.

We recommend you maintain your crown just like you would your natural teeth! Remember to floss and brush your dental crowns (and all your teeth) to ensure optimal dental health. By taking care of your dental crowns, you can prolong their lifespan.

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