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a happy kid in a dentist chairFebruary is lovingly referred to as National Children’s Dental Health Month! This month, and all year long, talk to your child about the importance of dental hygiene and how to keep his mouth healthy. Here are some dental health facts you can share with your child:

Primary Teeth Act as Placeholders for Secondary Teeth

A child’s first set of teeth do more than just help him chew, speak, and show off a sweet smile. Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, act as important placeholders for adult teeth. They provide the foundation and spacing for the permanent teeth that is to come. Maximizing the dental health of your child’s baby teeth is vital to provide a healthy space for secondary teeth to flourish.

Primary Teeth Have Reusable Roots

When your child loses his first tooth, you’ll only see the part of the tooth that had erupted past the gums. But that doesn’t mean roots didn’t exist! On the contrary, a child’s teeth become loose and fall out due to their body reabsorbing the roots. The roots are then used to form the secondary teeth that will last for life if they are taken care of properly.

Primary Teeth Can Suffer from Cavities

Once your child’s first teeth break through, it’s important to start brushing them at least twice every day. Cavities can form in primary teeth, destroying the health of the tooth. Many parents don’t think about the dental health of a child’s baby teeth since they will fall out. However, if primary teeth develop cavities and they go untreated, the child could suffer from premature tooth loss and orthodontic problems later in life.

Primary & Secondary Teeth are Living Tissues

Underneath a tooth’s enamel, there are living tissues which consists of minerals, calcium, and phosphorous. It is protected by the hard enamel of the tooth, but cavities can destroy this enamel. The body cannot repair the damage on its own; it must be fixed by a dentist.

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